Everything for your daily needs

Our assisted living program was designed for residents who require additional physical care at unpredictable times throughout the day and night, and yet still wish to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, services and family lifestyle offered at Billingswood Manor.

The program includes assistance with transfers and mobility, daily personal care, tray service, dining assistance, and incontinence care. Our care plans are personalized to ensure that the distinctive needs of each resident are being met.

These programs are also available on a temporary, convalescent, respite or permanent basis. Rates will be determined according to assessed level of care level one or two; this assessment will be done by the manor’s Director of Care. This course of action is a consensus of both parties and a cooperative decision process.

Our assisted living program is designed to provide residents with more care in order to meet their daily living needs.

If you wish to know more about our program, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated personnel.

Personalized Senior Care and Assisted Living Program in Ottawa